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Doris Gentry for Napa City Council

Dear Napa Friends,

This is an urgent time in the life of Napa; many critical issues will face us these next four years. Voters need to look seriously at candidates who ask for your trust.  

Famous people and descendants of famous people live in Napa. We boast of Wineries, world-class dining, art and culture, we lure millions of tourists each year to a city with a

Napa citizens are informed! When knocking on doors or chatting at Alston Dog Park, Chef's Market or Downtown it is obvious you are an invested people. As voters you know what is needed. You said your top concerns are: jobs, housing, elder care, teens, and financial solvency. My goal is embrace what is already working and help move Napa's collaborative spirit to the next level.

Amid the beauty of Napa, we enjoy many rewards, rewards I never had as a child growing up in foster care - rewards I never thought I would see. Now it's my honor to run for Napa City Council to make sure future generations will always enjoy this city we call home.

Thank you for your friendship. It is humbling to have your support. I cannot wait to be your newest Napa City Council Member!


Doris Gentry

About Doris Gentry

Doris Gentry has been teaching & leading for over 32 years, born in Southern Illinois she is a 4th generation leader.  Her heritage shouts, “run for government leadership”. When plowing 150 years back, there is a line-up of leaders.

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