“So what? Who cares anymore? It’s a tough world and nobody cares about me!” Have you heard these comments? Society is crying out, asking for us to care.
The truth is, we do care! In fact, in Napa we give, go, serve and do something for someone every single day. From feeding meals at The Table, to donating to the Food Bank, to Pet Rescue, to foster care, Napa is a giving, loving and serving community.
Doris Gentry is right there in the middle of all of that “care-centered” living. My friend calls it ‘Sanctuary Living’. Napa is a society based on doing good things for others. We rally and help one another in crisis or just in day-to-day living. We are a Sanctuary for others.
What are your needs today? What can we offer you by way of support and compassion? Are you seeking a City Council Member that understands going, serving, doing and giving?
Join the team today.