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30 years of Serving, Supporting, and Helping Napa


My mission is to create conditions that allow you to be successful in Napa by serving, supporting and helping each of us experience fulfilling lives. Our City should work with and for all residents to help each one attain their personal goals. We ALL matter and as such, each of us deserve representation at every level. My life and actions speak loudly to this belief. Government in Napa should fully embrace:

  • Commitment to residents
  • Collaboration with all levels of government
  • Compassion for those that need help


My vision is a community where all people can work and live to become their ‘best self’. Where each individual voice is heard. Each of us matter. Each is unique. Each is important.


Over 30 years in Napa

Honored by Napa Chamber of Commerce as Community Booster of the Year. A local leader and fierce worker for the underserved for 30+ years.

Philanthropic and Board Member

Chair and board member of Napa Organizations who serve the voiceless. “Helping is not a word to Doris, it is the very WHO that she is.”


Business Leader and Teacher

Teaching and leading is woven into Gentry’s tapestry of life. In Napa, she has employed & taught thousands.


What makes us flow together? Our sense of vibrancy, our celebrations, our zest for life & living. Whether it’s holiday parades or downtown festivals, our sense of going, serving & doing is the key – and at the core is family.

Doris Gentry is at the heart of organizing & chairing events for the families of Napa to continue building upon an inclusive community that plays together and laughs often.


Doris Gentry wants to insure that Napa has welcoming neighborhoods for all people. She has spent 30 years helping Napa be accepting and embracing the unique tapestry that makes Napa what it is today.

Collaboration is the core of Doris Gentry, join our team today.


Safety = quality of life for families. There is no room for bullying or slander – we are all beautiful and made differently – embracing our uniqueness and cultures means accepting.

Doris Gentry believes in the value of keeping families and our community safe. She works tirelessly to help us achieve acceptance.

Countdown to the Election

November 3, 2020

You have time to start supporting Doris on her journey. Help make a difference!








Why Doris Gentry?

Discover why Doris Gentry is the right choice for Mayor.


What are your needs today? What can we offer you through support and compassion?


Serving is key – from Chairing the Annual Chocolate & Wine Event to benefit Foster Kids or tending to her own family of foster kids at home


Aggressive and pro-active about getting things done – from potholes to parks.


Whether it is offering neighbors help after an earthquake, helping our seniors, or feeding the hungry – support is everything.


Is your distinct voice being heard? Share what you’d like to see for the City of Napa.


Napa citizens contribute daily, and that’s what makes this community click. What ideas do you have?


Doris has worked in the teaching field for the past 35 years and is known for teaching, leading, and educating.


It’s about your issues. It is what you want and need. Your issues matter to Doris.

Dream a Better Community

Doris Makes it Happen


The Doris Gentry Team

Doris Gentry is all about Team. She has obtained numerous Awards, Honors and Citations during these past 30 years in Napa. Doris knows a thing or two about Napa and more than that, she knows how to get things done! To name a few, she has been:

  • Honored as the Community Booster of the Year by the Napa Chamber
  • Recognized by the CA Senate & CA Assembly for her volunteer efforts.
  • Awarded the Foster Parent of the Year Plaque
  • Named Rotarian of the Year by the Napa Sunrise Rotarians
  • Granted the Distinguished Citizen of the Year by the Sons of the American Revolution

When it’s time to choose a leader to serve as their mayor, think long and hard. Is that person a leader? Have they gone, served, listened, worked, helped and given to the city they are seeking to lead? Doris Gentry has – for 30 years she is the proven voice that Napa needs.

It is never one person, it is a team – Doris Gentry can lead that team and make Napa a stronger community.

Will you endorse Doris Gentry today?

Advocate for your community.


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Doris Gentry

We can disagree and still be friends. Stay curious. Listen. Talk to each other. ... See MoreSee Less

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14 hours ago

Doris Gentry

Kind words from another Napa small business owner! Thank you! I love doing the "New in Napa" segment! ... See MoreSee Less

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16 hours ago

Doris Gentry

TMRW 7/15 12pm

Byllee Kairy from "All About Ability" shares about the incredible work they are doing in helping support young adults of all abilities in their quest for independent living. Hear from ILS Program Director Yesenia Oseguera and Director of Operations Zechariah Sarikey as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To receive the Zoom link & password, please click on this link and "Reserve A Spot" at the blue button!
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18 hours ago

Doris Gentry

Things are taking off fast with just over 100 days left until the election!

If you're standing with me for Mayor, sign up for email updates here to stay up to date on the latest developments!
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18 hours ago

Doris Gentry

Meaningful words from yesterday's radio guest Al Roensch.

"These are some very dark times, but you are not alone."

Thanks for the reminder Al and for shining your light! 💡
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19 hours ago

Doris Gentry

Doris Gentry's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

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19 hours ago

Doris Gentry

Doris Gentry's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

Doris Gentry

Top 20 Reasons to Vote Doris!

#17 Doris will fight against tax increases

Just last week, Napa escaped a proposed sales tax increase.

You can rest well knowing that Doris has fought against any tax measures that have appeared on ballots since the ’70s & as Mayor, she will continue to fight for your dollars.
“Government needs to learn to live in their lane and cut taxes to the people. California is one of the highest taxed states in the USA. It’s a shame people move out of California daily because of this.”

Doris has always been an advocate for less taxation:

✅ In the 1970s, Doris was an active and ardent supporter of Prop 13, working in Los Angeles helping gather support

✅ She worked with other Napa leaders to help create the "Napa County Taxpayers Association" as a watchdog searching for & exposing hidden taxes

✅ Doris is outspoken against Prop 15, which is the 'split roll' attack on Prop 13

✅ Recently Doris met with Senator Dodd's staff and, alongside NAACP, helped deliver hundreds of signed petitions against Prop 15

✅ Doris loudly opposed Napa's recent poll about the proposed sales tax increase. It cost our city $40,000 to find out that citizens aren't ready for a tax increase.

Why does this matter in a race for Mayor? Doris will make choices that are best for your pocketbook! You can trust her to fight to keep taxes low!


If you stand with Doris in opposing unnecessary tax increases, DONATE below (link in the comments) to help her in the fight to become Mayor!
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Get in Touch & Get Involved

Learn more about Doris Gentry becoming Mayor of Napa. Find out how you can help the cause and make a difference in our community.

Get in Touch & Get Involved

Learn more about Doris Gentry becoming Mayor of Napa. Find out how you can help the cause and make a difference in our community.

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