Doris Gentry

Experienced, Devoted, Passionate

Doris Gentry has been teaching and leading for 30+ years, born in Southern Illinois she is a 4th generation leader. Doris has lived in Napa for 32 years and together with husband Jim raised 4 children, 6 grandchildren and over 200 foster kids in their home.

Doris has never had a DUI, never been arrested, is fingerprinted and listed on the live-scan data base. Doris is a healthy, vibrant, energizer who empowers those around her.

When you elect Doris Gentry, you know everything about who she is and what she has done in her life. There are no hidden agendas or secrets. Napa knows the personhood of Doris Gentry.


Serving, Supporting, and Helping Napa

Unique talents, gifts and skills are needed to bring about collaborative relationships on a city, county and corporate basis. Three decades of building corporations, fund-raising and enhancing public agencies by: making them more creative; expanding consensus; instilling political/legislative savvy; enhancing board development; leading with focus and teaching/training staff is a testimony to that strength. Helping a city and local business grow and prosper has been a common denominator in the life of Doris Gentry.

Doris Gentry chairs the annual Chocolate & Wine Event for Foster Kids

Quick Facts About Doris Gentry


Planning Commission Experience: serving on a 5 County Regional Planning Commission for 5 years and working as the Business Development Specialist, accessed and handled multi-million dollar loans and networked City and County Governments with Federal and State Grants to help cities re-build failing infrastructure.


Worked to attract major corporate investment in local communities thereby creating jobs and stimulating the economy. Coordinated HUD funding in conjunction with CDBG Block Grants coupled with State Business Stimulation financing all targeted at job creation for a slow Southern Illinois business climate.


Owned corporations coast to coast, serving as Executive Director or CEO. Her passion for banking, finance, numbers, is evidenced all her life. From owning an Investment Banking firm to serving as a High School math teacher for in Vallejo, CA.


Member of Napa Sunrise Rotary since 2007


Founding member of Napa County Family & Foster Parent Association


Member SEIU, Napa Valley College: Treasurer - 2 years, Vice-President - 2 years


Hosts the live radio show weekly, Talk so Kids Listen in Napa


Chair on Napa County Task Force on Sex Trafficking since 2014


Host the weekly TV show, On the Edge with Doris in Napa


Chair the Annual Chocolate & Wine Event for Foster Kids


Founded with the Sunrise Rotary, the Annual Napa 4th of July Parade


Member American Screen Writers Association (ASA)


Works for Napa Valley College


Member of Grace Church of Napa Valley


MENSA National & International Keynote Speaker and Leader. Serve, teach and support MENSA


Donates time and money to numerous Philanthropic Napa groups benefiting kids


Community Action Coordinator and MENSA lead sponsor for the Robot Program at Napa’s New Tech High

Teacher for 35 years includes teaching 2 years of High School Math, Community Organizer, Foster & Kincare Specialist at Napa Valley College, Mom that raised 200 Napa Teen foster Boys, 32 year Napa resident, Community Advocate – Doris is pro-active and determined to make a difference!

Community Organizing: the Central Core of Doris Gentry

There is no stopping this ‘Energizer Bunny’. Doris has served as Chair of some 200 philanthropic events for communities across America since 1980. Fundraising and grant writing have been an integral part of Doris Gentry and to date she has raised over $300 million for non-profit organizations.

Doris does not talk about leading; she leads.


Whether fighting for victims of elder abuse or foster kids or adopting yet ANOTHER dog from the Shelter, Gentry is an Advocate. She listens carefully and acts responsively. Her passion for stamping out abuse is genuine and comes from her heart.

Make no mistake, Gentry is a leader, foster mom, teacher, community organizer and advocate, Napa will have a fierce champion as Mayor, November 2020.

So Why Doris is a Foster Mom?

While the heritage, DNA & lineage is impressive, life handed Doris lemons growing up. She suffered instability, (living from coast to coast), years of missing educational opportunities and numerous out of home placements. By the time she was 14, she moved into the world of uncertainty, as a runaway in Hollywood, CA.

Gentry created a foster home to offer the kind of home she never lived in herself; one that operated on open, honest communication and believed in kids. Doris became licensed in Napa over 20 years ago and to date has had 200+ teen boys living in her foster home.

Does Doris Have a Day Job?

Doris is employed by Napa Valley College where she teaches foster training workshops and classes for the past 20 years.

Today she is the Foster & Kincare Education Program Specialist, which means Doris provides training for foster parents licensed in Napa County thru a continuing education program.

Generational Leadership

Her heritage shouts, “run for government leadership”. When plowing 150 years back, there is a line-up of leaders:

  • Great-Great G’pa Judge John L Tyer helped define Southern Illinois – farming, serving in the Civil War, lawyer, Judge and co-founder of the only regional bank in Hardin County, Illinois;
  • Great G’pa, ML Tyer, schoolteacher, lawyer & judge;
  • Five of ML Tyer’s girls graduated from college with a teaching degree when few believed women should be educated;
  • One of those girls, Aunt Gertrude Tyer, traveled west and taught school on the Native American Indian reservations, early 1900’s;
  • G’pa Dave Wilson was an evangelical tent revival preacher for the Assemblies of God who also played the accordion.

 Gentry’s heritage is forward-thinking people who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone to do what is right for others and their community.

Why lead? Why serve? It is in Doris’ DNA, in her destiny to go, work and  serve every day! Doris’ Grandma told her, “I would rather burn out than to rust out!”

Judge M.L. Tyler
Great great great Uncle James Orr Discharge Civil War 1865
The five women who graduated from Teachers College
Grandpa Rev Dave Wilson, an evangelist for the Assemblies of God churches
In 1919, Great Aunt Gertrude traveled to Wyoming in a wagon caravan to teach Native American Indians on the reservations – a bold and gutsy move for a single woman to do back then.

What Else Has Doris Accomplished?

Doris Gentry C.V.

Invested, Created, Founded, Elected.
  • Invested in and helped to launch a successful closed loop solar system that was installed on many homes in Southern Illinois – technology has come a long way since those early days of the late 1970’s.
  • Founded an investment banking firm in the early 1980’s – we purchased nearly bankrupt, poorly run manufacturing firms, streamline operations, trained staff, installed better assembly operations then sold the companies either back to the creator or to another investor.
  • Created the first bank for the Small Business Administration to directly fund deals at a local level. This streamlined the application process and enabled funding to be directly handled locally up to $500,000 (which was a fortune in the early 80’s). As a certified SBA Director of this banking operation we focused on loans to marginal and disadvantaged and low income applicants.
  • As a Board Member of the First Women’s Entrepreneurial Division of the SBA, we launched the Midwest Women’s Speakers Tour. As the lead speaker, traveled over 20 states of the Midwest speaking at colleges and Chambers of Commerce on behalf of Women’s Entrepreneurship and education for women to go into business.
  •  Invested and launched a woodstove manufacturing company. We built many prototypes and eventually refined a product that would blow heat into the home while venting smoke and toxins up the chimney.
  •  White House Delegate for Small Business – traveled to the White House, elected to this position by peers from the State Chamber of Commerce. Served as the National Spokesperson for the White House Delegation and was also elected as Chair of the Payroll Employment Cost Team.
  •  Served as a Delegate for the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce.
  •  Served as a Delegate for the Illinois Small Business Ombudsman’s Office.
  •  Appointed by the Gov of Illinois, Hon Jim Thompson, as a Board Member of the Illinois Child Protective Services Department (CPSD). Flew to
  • Former owner, A Romantic Garden by Doris, antiques store in Napa on Silverado Trail.
  •  EbayPowerSeller and Trainer for Ebay University. Traveled the Bay Area teaching for Ebay. Taught people how to access the program and set up their online stores. Taught how to do a better job of photographing products for sale and how to write compelling ads to sell their wares.
  •  Napa Chamber of Commerce Community Booster of the Year 2013
  •  Business & Professional Women of the Year 1985
  •  Owner of Gourmet Corner, gourmet food store selling 20 flavored coffee beans, teas and specialty foods. (Sold this company)
  •  President & CEO of Lift Mates, Inc in Napa. Created, manufactured and shipped tools around the world. (Sold this company)
  • Served as a State Trainer for the CA Chancellor’s Office, led conferences teaching teachers a class “Teaching that’s Exciting”.
  • Served as National Keynote Speaker for over 100 Women’s events, luncheons, dinners and trainings the National Baptist Association.
  • Became AutoCad certified because, why not learn something new!


Stand up for your community and get active! Find out how you can help endorse Doris and volunteer for her campaign!


Help Doris achieve her goal – her campaign is completely funded by the people! No corporations, no self-interest groups.

Countdown to the Election

November 3, 2020

You have time to start supporting Doris on her journey. Help make a difference!











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Learn more about Doris Gentry becoming Mayor of Napa. Find out how you can help the cause and make a difference in our community.

Get in Touch & Get Involved

Learn more about Doris Gentry becoming Mayor of Napa. Find out how you can help the cause and make a difference in our community.

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