“It’s about choosing someone who is passionate, caring, and believes in the values that keep our community together and keep us strong. I believe in creating change that will positively impact our families, locals, and safety.”  – Doris Gentry


The central focus of this campaign is not about my issues. It’s about your issues. It is what you want and need. Your issues matter to me.

All 70,000+ Napans play a huge role in defining our city government. This election is not about Democrat’s or Republican’s. It’s about Napa. City elections are non-partisan for a reason. We must be team members, working with fellow leaders, to achieve the best outcome for Napa.

What ideas do you have to make Napa better for all of us? You talk, I’ll listen.


“So what? Who cares anymore? It’s a tough world and nobody cares about me!” Have you heard these comments? Society is crying out, asking for us to care.

The truth is, we do care! In fact, in Napa we give, go, serve and do something for someone every single day. From feeding meals at The Table, to donating to the Food Bank, to Pet Rescue, to foster care, Napa is a giving, loving and serving community.

I strive to be right in the middle of all of that “care-centered” living. My friend calls it ‘Sanctuary Living’. Napa is a society based on doing good things for others. We rally and help one another in crisis or just in day-to-day living. We are a Sanctuary for others.

What are your needs today? What can we offer you by way of support and compassion? Are you seeking a Mayor that understands going, serving, doing and giving?


Serving is the key – whether it’s chairing the Annual Chocolate & Wine Event that benefits Foster Kids, or announcing live on the Radio the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade, or tending to my own family of foster kids at home, or advocating for the victims of Sex Trafficking, or working with the FKCE Program at Napa Valley College, or Interviewing people on my live TV Show, On the Edge with Doris, or interviewing people weekly on the radio Talk so Kids Listen, or volunteering at Light the Night for cancer – you will find me going, doing and serving Napa.


Roads, potholes, sidewalks – do you ever wonder when it will all be done? Sure the city is working on it. But will they ever get to your street? Let’s be aggressive, pro-active and get it done. We are a world-class destination that needs great roads now. Not over the next 12 years.

The City of Napa should be solving, fixing, and doing! What do you want to see the city DO? Are there ideas you are bursting to share?

Let’s do this! Support a Mayor who will #geterdoneNapa!


This is a critical time in our city’s history. Supporting one another is the backbone of a community, whether it is offering neighbors help after an earthquake, helping our senior adults, or giving time to help feed the hungry.

There is much that needs to be done and there is a long road ahead of us. Hard working Napa families are looking for a Mayor who represents them.

If we share in the responsibility of building a sustainable, world-class Napa, then we share in the successes.

Are you seeking a qualified Mayor that is a tireless worker supporting your concerns?
Join the team today.


Helping others … why do we help? Human nature leads us to lending a hand. Whether you’re a Boy Scout, Rotarian, Church member or Retail Owner, the sacred art of helping is at the core. Each of us come together and help when there is a need.

The Mayor is your mechanism for improving and advancing the issues facing Napa. Is your distinct voice being heard? A Mayor should be open to listening to your voice and creating an action plan.  I will listen to your ideas and then go to work to help make them happen.

As a Napa leader it is my job to know where to send people for help. Rarely a day passes that a neighbor/friend does not share a need. Each of us can step up to help in many ways. My gift is networking with people to achieve solutions.

Responsible, responsive leaders get the job done. We do not worry about who gets credit. We just help others and make life a bit more joyous.


Contributing has many looks. It can be a small donation to support non-profits or large donations of art along our cities art walk.

Napa citizens contribute daily, and that’s what makes this community click. We accept our responsibility and step up to the plate making sure Napa and its residents have what they need to thrive.

How should a Mayor Contribute? What ideas do you have for this job? Let’s make Napa better!


Teaching is leading with understanding. It is one thing to make laws and rules; another to inform citizens of the reasons. I have worked in the teaching field for the past 35 years.

A Teacher leads with answers and solutions. Let’s bring Napa along with us. Let’s help voters understand the “Why” of things. How can we teach others of the importance of City Government? Elections? Laws?

I am a teacher, advocate, and supporter of education. My involvement includes high school math classrooms, live weekly radio shows, live television shows and Napa Valley College training programs for foster parents.

I can be YOUR voice for Napa.

Get in Touch & Get Involved

Learn more about Doris Gentry becoming Mayor of Napa. Find out how you can help the cause and make a difference in our community.

Get in Touch & Get Involved

Learn more about Doris Gentry becoming Mayor of Napa. Find out how you can help the cause and make a difference in our community.

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